Urban Data Platforms and Digital Twins

The project team develops standardised, replicable building blocks and recommendations for Urban Data Platforms and Digital Twins of cities. Key topics in this regard include data integration and provision, data governance, operation of the developed building blocks, and the creation of a DIN SPEC for Digital Twins.

In addition to the development of the theoretical concept, the focus of our work is on providing the infrastructure for Urban Digital Twins. This work is based on existing Urban Data Platforms of partner cities, which we develop further and make ready for use by others. In doing so, we also work on issues related to, and establish processes in the context of, data provision and data governance, and we have initiated a DIN SPEC on the topic of “Digital Twin for Cities and Municipalities”.

Through Urban Data Platforms, we make urban planning data available via standardised interfaces. In conformity with legal requirements, the data can be viewed in map portals for instance, used in participatory and decision-making processes, or integrated into their own applications by experienced users. By 2025, we plan to make the main components of an Urban Data Platform available in a reusable form and thus enable cities and municipalities to reinforce their own data sovereignty. These Urban Data Platforms represent the foundations for the Urban Digital Twins infrastructure.

Objectives of the sub-project

The overarching objective is the further development and operational use of replicable Urban Data Platforms and Urban Digital Twins in the three partner cities – and beyond.
Additional objectives:

Data integration and provision

  • Data provision for the use cases handled via standardised interfaces
  • Sharing best practices in the areas of data integration and data provision

Concept design

  • Definition of “Urban Digital Twin”
  • DIN SPEC “Digital Twin for Cities and Municipalities”
  • Development of a concept for a generic architecture using software modules
  • Determination of developments required in the three cities

Implementation & Maintenance

  • Development and implementation of replicable building blocks for Urban Data Platforms and Urban Digital Twins

Data governance

  • Defining fields of action for data governance
  • Sharing recommendations on data governance using the example of the implementation of Urban Data Platforms and Digital Twins

Overview of all sub-projects:

Five specialist areas
The Partner Cities
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