Our vision

As part of the Connected Urban Twins (CUT) project, we are jointly developing Urban Digital Twins for use in integrated urban development. Urban Digital Twins produce digital representations of our cities that can be used to play out ‘What-if’ scenarios for cities that are sustainable and improve the quality of life.

Tools for integrated urban development and transparent participation of the urban community

Working with the networked data in Urban Digital Twins helps urban developers and citizens gain a better understanding of complex urban development contexts and thus make more informed decisions.

The establishment of municipal digital infrastructures reinforces the data sovereignty of the cities.

Innovative digital tools and formats help facilitate democratic participation.

CUT plays a pioneering role and sets standards for a unified, shared understanding of the concept of Urban Digital Twins and data governance. We are leading the way in cross-city cooperation and knowledge transfer for the efficient implementation of Urban Digital Twins in urban planning processes. 

Our experience shows other cities suitable approaches to follow. Our project outcomes, such as standardised technical building blocks and innovative use cases of urban development and citizen participation, facilitate the use and independent further development in other cities and form a foundation for the further growth of Urban Digital Twins beyond the project boundaries.

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Urban Digital Twins as a modular system

Various urban resources form the building blocks of Urban Digital Twins. Find out more about the modular system concept developed by the CUT project team.

More about the modular system
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What are Urban Digital Twins?

What do we mean by Urban Digital Twins? Find out here how Digital Twins can be used as tools for integrated urban development and transparent citizen participation.

More about Urban Digital Twins
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