The project

Connected Urban Twins is one out of 73 selected Smart Cities model projects. The German Federal Government’s funding programme supports cities and municipalities in implementing the opportunities in terms of sustainable urban development provided by digitalisation.

The partner cities Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich

Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich have already gained extensive experience with their own digitalisation and Smart City strategies. The cross-city partnership that the three cities are entering into with the CUT project is unique in Germany. The intensive knowledge transfer between the cities offers a great opportunity, one that exemplifies the model character of CUT: As part of the CUT project, solutions are created that reach beyond the perspectives of any individual city, and thus can yield new ways of doing things to other cities and municipalities in Germany.

The CUT project is receiving 21 million euros in federal funding under the 2nd funding call of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB), and this is supplemented by around 11 million euros from the three partner cities. The funding for the model projects is provided through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). The project is supported by the Coordination and Transfer Office for Model Projects Smart Cities (KTS), which promotes networking and the exchange of experience among the model projects.

Project data at a glance


partner cities

Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich



in our project team


years project duration

from Januar 2021 to December 2025


model projects smart Cities (MPSC)

in our network


million euros

project volume

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Our Vision

As part of the Connected Urban Twins (CUT) project, we are jointly developing Urban Digital Twins for use in integrated urban development. Urban Digital Twins produce digital representations of our cities that can be used to play out ‘What-if’ scenarios for cities that are sustainable and improve the quality of life.

About our vision

Five specialist areas – five sub-projects

Urban Data Platforms and Digital Twins

Further development and operational use of replicable Urban Data Platforms and Digital Twins

Learn more about sub-project 1

Innovative use cases in urban development

Evaluation of Urban Data Platforms and Digital Twins in current urban development use cases

Learn more about sub-project 2

Participation by the urban community

Co-creative development and use of innovative digital participation formats, tools and processes

Learn more about sub-project 3

Transformative experimental urban research

Linking technology research with social science research relating to Urban Digital Twins

Learn more about sub-project 4

Replication and knowledge transfer

Internal project knowledge management, supraregional knowledge transfer and exemplary replication of project outcomes

Learn more about sub-project 5
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CUT partner

In the CUT project, numerous organisations and organisational units within the urban administrative structures in Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich cooperate with each other across cities and with an inter-disciplinary approach.

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